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The term “slip and fall” is used to describe a wide variety of accidents: It can be a fall on aslippery surface, but it can also be a fall on hazardous stairs or pavement, poorly laid tile, carpet or cement, even just unfortunate trip ups. But people who suffer slip and fall injuries to bones, joints, muscles, nerves and ligaments all over the body.


Slip and fall injuries require specialty treatment. By providing in-depth evaluations and taking into account the specifics of your accident, we determine the underlying cause of your pain and deliver targeted treatment.


Slip and fall injuries, if not treated early on, can escalate to chronic, lifetime pain and suffering. Slip and fall injuries can also drastically effect your quality of life – less mobility, constant pain. Taking pills may dull the pain, but it doesn’t heal the damage done. Worse yet, many people injured in accidents find that their pain symptoms get worse over time. In many cases, these injuries deeply impact peoples’ lives, causing a drastic decrease in their quality of life – less mobility, constant pain. Don’t let this be you! Our specialists understand this, and will work to diagnose and begin treating your pain today.


Premises liability refers to the responsibility of owners to ensure all visitors – guests, clients or customers – have the right to a reasonable expectation of personal safety while on the premises. This applies to both private and public property. As a result, the owner of the property may be liable for your medical bills, if not more. Our treatment centers are familiar with these claims, and are able to treat and prepare you in a manner appropriate for the case.


To shorten the evaluation phase and begin your pain treatment as quickly as possible, our treatment centers have diagnostic equipment on-site. This means feeling better, faster.