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Attorney Referrals

If you’ve been involved in a recent accident or injury, you may be entitled to compensation for incurred costs, or “damages”, such as:
  • Bullet_(typography).svg   Costs for Medical Treatment (including ambulance, ER, diagnostics, hospitalization,surgery, rehabilitation, and medication)
  • Bullet_(typography).svg   Loss of wages or income
  • Bullet_(typography).svg   Physical or emotional duress or pain
  • Bullet_(typography).svg   Vehicle or property damage, if not total loss
As a treatment center network that specializes in these types of injuries, we understand the catastrophe that occurs when you are in a car accident, as well as how disruptive it is to your life – you may be physically injured, you may miss work, and you may have lost your transportation. Personally injury law can take time, with many pitfalls that can hurt your claim. To make sure our patients receive the best legal advice available, we only work with the best. That is, we use 1-800-HURT911 as an attorney referral service. To make the process easier for you, they only introduce you to an attorney who is geographically near you and who specializes in your type of accident. In order to do this, they have vetted out the Georgia bar – there are currently over 35,000 lawyers – to qualify lawyers for precisely your type of case. They qualify each of the lawyers in our network to ensure key things:
  1. That the attorney is a specialist in one of the various areas of Personal Injury law
  2. That the attorney will work with you on a contingency basis. That means no upfront attorney costs – you can hire the lawyer to fight for your case with no money down.
  3. The attorney is fully registered and in good standing with the Georgia Bar Association.
  4. The attorney is accessible personally to their clients, not just through a paralegal orassistant.
  5. And perhaps most important: The attorney has a proven track record of success for their clients.
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